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Google Calendar

Open Your Calendar

To open your calendar: Click the Calendar link at the top of your Mail window:

If this is the first time you’ve opened your calendar, you’ll be asked to set your time zone.

Your calendar appears. For example:


Important: Your calendar will likely be empty or show only a few new invitations. Therefore, you'll need to recreate your calendar events. For more information, see "Next Steps" below.

Use Your Calendar

To change your calendar view: Click the tabs in the upper-right corner of the view:

To view or edit details about an event: Click its name:

To create an event: Click Create Event:

Next Steps....

Refer to the Google Apps Education Training Center to learn more:
  • Import your email, personal contacts, and calendar events
  • Set up your email, including adding an email signature, setting up email filters, and creating contact groups (email lists)
  • Set up your calendar, including recreating your events and turning on event notifications
  • Create a Group for each of your classes
  • Create a WIKI or shared website to use for class projects, resources or student portfolios.

For More Ideas Check Out This- Google Apps In the Classroom Presentation

Have Fun!

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